Thursday, October 14, 2010

Leg Warmers.

During this time as I get closer and closer to my due date, I feel like I have embraced the life as a domesticated house wife and soon to be mother. (You can read my experience throughout the pregnancy here I have been baking and cooking and crocheting like crazy. I have started preparing fresh home cooked soups and freezing them so when time is scarce we will still have very nutritious and delicious homemade foods to eat. But one of my favourite things to do it make adorable baby and toddler leg warmers.

I have some available in both of my online shops but I also do custom orders if you are looking for a specific colour! So come to either my ETSY store or ARTFIRE store and see what's available! They are perfect for this time of year and would make a wonderful Christmas gift too. They will arrive gift ready just like the photo below, all nicely hand packaged!!

These little leggings are warm woolen handmade and crocheted with wool topped with a simple bow. They'll keep your child's legs toasty through the fall, winter, spring and cool summer nights. They're classic, simple and extremely sweet. They have a cute bow at the top so the tightness can be adjusted, with an adorable frilly bottom. Great for when baby starts crawling to protect those precious knees.
These leg warmers will fit babies 6 months to children 3 years or older, depending on the size of the child. You can bunch them or wear them full length. They also fit on adults arms for arm warmers! They measure about 11 inches long. The top measures 8 inches around (so a 4 inch diameter) and the bottom just above the frill measures 6 inches around (so a 3 inch diameter.)

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